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I’ve been playing with Gumbo, and it’s very interesting indeed. I’m hoping to make some skinning related posts very soon. In the meantime, get yourself Flash Player 10 and the Flex 4 SDK. Read More »


Remove those up and down arrows. Read More »

Get a beveled text appearance using a drop shadow filter. Read More »

Beware using focusSkin. Read More »

One easy way to organize your asset library. Read More »

Validate all your validators with Validator.validateAll(validators) Read More »

No need to broadcast events or create nasty loops or set timers to run cascading effects. It’s already in the box. Read More »

When the incoming data differs from your selectedLabel. Read More »

Great things come in small packages. Read More »

A Singleton class can save your rear. But, is a singleton good or evil? Is it just a way of defining global vars? You decide, while I ‘ll continue to use them and stay out of the debate, one that I don’t really understand anyway. Read More »